Palliative Care / Home Care Services

Palliative Care is the hospitals’ initiative to assist the ailing patients whose disease has prognosed to end stage. At this junction, the patients suffer from pain & trauma and look for solace seeking care and counseling, where this department plays a vital role both at the hospital as well as home

Palliative Care aims at preventing and bringing relief to the suffering of cancer patients and provides best possible quality of life regardless of age, cancer stage and treatment plans. Following a cancer diagnosis and treatment, it is normal for patients to experience burdensome physical symptoms and/or psychological distress from their disease and/or the cancer treatment itself. Sometimes these physical and psychological symptoms require specialized care in conjunction to primary oncology treatment.  Our specialized multidisciplinary team benefits the patient at and his family not only at this stage but throughout the fight against cancer.


  • Relief of pain
  • Course for doctors & paramedical in palliative care
  • Provision of opied analysis
  • Patients counseling
  • Home care

Day Care services:
Day care services provided include paracentesis, intravenous titration of analgesics, lymphoedema management and transcutaneous nerve stimulation and counseling.

Home Care services:
A dedicated and professionally qualified trained interdisciplinary team consisting of doctor, nurses and counselor provide home care to the patient with advanced cancer. The team visits the patient at home and provides medical, psycho social and emotional support. Weekly visits and follow-up are also done.

Awareness and Training

  • The Centre regularly conducts courses on palliative care for doctors and nurses. The Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care training is conducted for doctors and nurses annually. Our center is one of  24 centers in the country recognized by the Indian Association of Palliative Care for this course.(contact at
  •   The Department also regularly conducts awareness classes on Palliative Care medicine for Nursing students for the lay public and NGOs. The department runs a 6-week intensive course in palliative medicine and nursing in collaboration with Pallium India.(contact at ).This is the only course in North India.

The center is also recognized for the Indo American cancer association fellowship awarded to Oncologists and nurses

The department conducted a series of training sessions over 3 months for Government doctors and nurses working in the CHCs in7 districts of Beawar, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Shri Ganganagar, Jaisalmer, Jhalawar, and Ajmer. The training impacted more than 150 health care workers.

The centre has been a beneficiary of grants from the American Cancer Society and the Indo American Cancer Association.

The department periodically conducts small research projects on clinical and supportive care issues and has presented their research by posters and publications at national and international conferences and journals.

Day Care Center
Day Care provides integral multidisciplinary care to all patients who are receiving chemotherapy as an outpatient. An environment of the Day Care Ward is being kept such that patient feels comfortable is that surrounding. Neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapies, administration of drugs of clinical trials, supportive care treatment, concurrent chemotherapy (with Radiotherapy) and biological therapies are being administered by highly qualified and trained staff nurses. Chemotherapy Day Care Ward is located on the ground floor of Annex Building of the Hospital.