Microbiology Department

This department offers:

  • Automated Blood Culture sensitivity BACT/ALERT 3D.
  • VITEK-2 COMPACT system for automated identification of  microorganism and sensitivity with MIC values. This system can be used for Gram positive cocci, Gram negative bacilli, Candida and Cryptococcus spp.
  • Staining methods performed are: Gram stain, ZN stain for acid fast     bacilli, KOH mount for fungal elements.
  • Hospital infection control: Air culture by settle plate method of OT,     MICU, SICU, CSSD and any ward in case of outbreak.
  • Qualitative water culture of IPD, OPD, Water tank by rapid PA Coliform kit.
  • Antibiogram is prepared every 3 months.
  • Serology: HIV, HBV by chemiluminescence.