All patients requiring any consultation, investigation, emergency care or treatment shall be registered with a unique registration number on their first visit to the hospital. S/he is added to the data pool of the hospital and the number becomes the unique identifier for all future interactions

To have a uniform process for registration of patients with unique identifiers for each patient and to maintain the records of patients coming to the hospital.
Scope of registration includes all patients attending BMCHRC in OPD and Emergency Department.
1.  Cash
 a. Self
 b. Referred for consultation
2. Credit / Empanelled / TPA
3. Free
(i). BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card holder
(ii).Camp Patients
(iii).General public (recommended by consultant)
Registration in OPD: – 9.00a.m.-5.00p.m.
IPD admission and Emergency admission — 24 hrs
Billing officer Chief Manager (F & A) and chief administrator
Front office Staff
Patients coming to BMCHRC will deposit one-time registration charges. 
The consultation charge for one consultant, is valid for five days. Registration for Self / Referred patients is made in name of asked consultant.
The asked consultant is free to refer these cases to any consultant of any modality.
No further charges are levied for referral in any related modality on the day of registration except Pain Clinic, Physician and Dental Dept.
Floating patients are also registered as above and seen by consultants as per OPD Schedule.
Benefited (BPL / camp / empanelled) patients are treated as floating patients and seen as per OPD Schedule by consultant.
Empanelled patients required to produce a referral letter / identity card /relevant document from the referring agency.
All the patients are examined and their cases are discussed by consultants of all the three modalities (Medical, Surgery & Radiation) and their signatures are recorded. 
Patients are registered only if the treatment required is within the scope of services of the hospital (as detailed in scope of service document No. (‘hos’/AAC/01-00). If patient’s requirement is beyond available hospital services, the same shall be informed to the patient. 
Unidentified patient:  Patient coming or brought to the hospital, whose details (name, address etc.) cannot be identified are termed as unidentified patients. In case of unidentified patient is brought to the hospital, he/she shall be registered in emergency and after imparting the first aid, is referred to the relevant Government hospital. The registration detail of such patients shall clearly show the unidentified status of the patient. The identification details shall be updated as soon as the identification of the patient is confirmed.