Dreamz Foundation

There can’t be anything nobler than fulfilling one wish of a child cancer patient raising joy and boosting morale, strength and most imperatively hope and will to win over cancer.

Keeping the above cause in mind KGK Dreamz foundation came into existence on 24th of March 2010 to fulfill one true wish of children aging between 1 to 16 years at getting treated at Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre. So far more than 2000 cancer-afflicted children’s wishes have been fulfilled adding to their optimism.

While undergoing endless rounds of painful treatment and medication, a wish-fulfillment gives back what the ailment takes away from the child i.e. hope, strength, and smile. Wish fulfillment imbibes confidence in child patients and makes them believe that nothing is impossible. KGK Dreamz Foundation was only able to work successfully on its mission with the help of continuous support received from individuals, organizations and corporate.