Quality Assurance Department

Quality Management Department focuses broadly on the four core principles for quality assurance in the institution. They are as follows:

1. Patient (customer)
2. Hospital delivery systems (systems and processes)
3. Analysis and problem identification (performance measurement)
4. Team work 
Quality Policy

BMCHRC provides total health care to its patients, with the highest levels of skill, professionalism and ethical practice, leading to their effective care and treatment at affordable costs. BMCHRC is committed to Continued Quality Improvement.

Quality department brings forward the innovative ideas for the patient safety & quality services, feasibility study, planning, implementing & control process.

The collection & analysis of Quality Indicators is conducted every month for hospital wide Continuous Quality Improvement. The department also conducts trainings of various departments, disaster planning, co-ordinates work of all departments, drafting new policies as per there feasibility in the current healthcare industry.

All the National & International Accreditation are taken into consideration & work is co-ordinated through Quality Assurance Department