Executive Director Message

India accounts for 17% of cancer population of the world, we can say that every sixth cancer patient is an Indian. Out of these 17% of the patients reach hospital at the later stage which not only increases the risk factor but also the cost and the end results are accordingly discouraging. Every year 7,00,000 new cases are added and nearly half of them loose their lives. If we have to control and eradicate cancer, we must detect it at an early stage and create awareness in reference to cancer, tobacco, alcohol abuse, changes in life style can be a powerful strategy.
Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (BMCHRC), Jaipur is a unique institution which offers “Affordable Care with Human Touch”. Here, patients who cannot afford to pay for their food are also getting tertiary level of care free of cost. Other patients are also treated here at an affordable cost, reason being the cost of anti cancer drugs, investigations and radiotherapy. Being run by the trust, rates at BMCHRC are very competitive. Moreover, Cancer Care, a supportive wing of BMCHRC under the guidance of Smt. Anila Kothari takes all care of patients in providing hospital services and drugs, without compromising on quality of the treatment.
We have the facility of excellent laboratory setup including Biochemistry, Bacteriology, Histopathology and Cytology Department along with tumour marker and Immunohistochemistry as special features of the lab. Considering the accuracy of the results, our lab functions as reference lab for the other centres as well.Round the clock Blood Bank with a facility of blood components and fractions along with excusive feature of “Host Reaction Gamma Cell Irradiator” facility is yet another service in favor of the patients.
Our Onco-Surgery, Onco-Medicine & Radiation Oncology Departments are very well equipped and the consultants are capable of providing world class treatment without any cost escalation.
No institution is complete without having an academic environment. At BMCHRC post graduate teaching programme is conducted in the various specialities such as Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Anaesthesia & Pathology. For all these courses, we are accredited by the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi to impart training to the aspirant candidates. To maintain highest standard of patient care Tumor Board Meeting and Mortality Meeting are conducted regularly, where each case is discussed threadbare for modality of management and to look into the measures to check discrepancies if any.
Good Nursing Care is the prima facie requirement in patient care without which no institution can achieve the set goals. We have started a Nursing College in the campus with the courses in GNM, B.Sc. (Nursing) and M.Sc. (Nursing) with the aim to produce quality nurses. 
We are well aware of our social commitment to make available the facility of free treatment to the poor and deprived cancer patients including BPL and at present approximately Rs.5 crore is spent every year towards free treatment facility provided to such patients.   
As a part to further enhance the consultancy facility, Tele Oncology has been started to facilitate the patients to get institutional level advise with regards to diagnosis and treatment through tele onology system. 
In line with modern communication systems, an informative website has been developed with the aim to provide general information about the hospital with special reference to cancer along with policies and procedures being followed at the centre. The information about Chief Minister Relief Fund, Prime Minister Relief Fund, answers to your specific questions about cancer and related issues are also legibly featured. In case, you wish to help any cancer patients in your area and beyond, the information is available on our website with regards to donations, tax relief provisions etc. I am sure, this website will not only give you an insight about BMCHRC but will also better educate about cancer and will help in creating unbroken awareness. 
Dr. Prem Singh Lodha